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paper cutter

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    paper cutter

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    Computer program control paper cutter H670R,H720R


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1. Foldable paper pushing platform patented design

Convenient to remove and pack

2. Double lead screws for paper pushing

Double lead screws for pushing paper platform without slot design, to make the pressure

more equal and improve cutting accuracy(ball screw or servo drive is optional)

3. Hard chromium plating table design

High durability and hard to distortion

4. Mechanical pedal

Pressure paper proofread position, easy and convenient

5. Swing arm design of blade carrier patented technology

Solving the problem that the roller slot easy to wear and tear, adjustment gap of blade carrier, ensuring cutting accuracy

6. Safety protection structure of blade lock

Preventing the blade slip and operation safer

7. Inclined blade cutting patented technology

Any thick paper can be cut smooth and easily with inclined design

8. Leak-proof design

Solving the problem of leaking in the cylinder

9. Fast changing stick device

More convenient and efficient

10. Double Hydraulic with strong power system design

Taiwan motor with strong power, imported hydraulic components for ensuring quality with external

knob for adjustment pressure of paper clamp

11. Intelligent control, 4.8"LCD




Max. Cutting width

670 mm

720 mm

Min. cutting size

30 mm

30 mm

Max. paper thickness


80 mm

Cutting accuracy

± 0.2mm

± 0.2mm

Cutting pressing

Hydraulic +Mechanical pedal

Hydraulic +Mechanical pedal

Cutting control

Computer program 4.8inch

Computer program 4.8inch

Power motor

220/110V 50/60Hz 2.5KW

220/110V 50Hz 2.8KW

Machine weight





1550×1200×1460 mm

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