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Horizontal Lift screen printer HG6090G

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    Horizontal Lift screen printer HG6090G

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    Horizontal Lift Screen Printing Machine HG6090G / 80120G

    The machine is designed for aiming at the hard distortion printing stock, the printing scope is very widely and can be used for
    screen printing of many plane bodies, such as paper, plastic, glass, ceramics, metal, textile and leather etc,
    especially for the printing of electron field PCB, soft PCB, PCB liquid state sensitization glue, SMT tin cream.
    1. Integrative speed reducer drives the up and down of printing head, it's quick and steady.
    2. High precision guide rail to equip with "MEGADYNE" synchronization belt drive the printing with frequency conversion, higher precision printing and more steady working.
    3. Gas-liquid transformer linked with off-network cylinder, which ensure network off equally and steadily.
    4. The fine tuning and locked device of work table is separate, which eliminate the work table locked error.
    5. Two cylinders control the squeegee and ink return blade separately, the printing pressure is large and equal.

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Max. printing dimensions
dimensões Max.printing
600 X900 mm
800 X1200 mm
Max. dimensions of the frame (outside)
Max.dimensions da armação (fora)
900 X1280mm
1100 X1580mm
Dimension of workbench
Dimensões da bancada
700 X1100 mm
900 X1400 mm
Max. printing speed
velocidade Max.printing
1100 PCS/H
900 PCS/H
Height of instant off-network
Altura do instante fora da rede
0~20 mm
0~20 mm
Printing thickness
espessura impressão
0~40 mm
0~40 mm
Voltage machine
máquina de tensão
3P 380V 50Hz 4.1kw
3P 380V 50Hz 4.1kw
Printing motor
motor de impressão
0.4 KW
0.4 KW
Printing shaft
eixo impressão
Wind motor
vento de motor
1.5 KW
Outside overall dimensions
Fora dimensões globais
1700 X1180 X1700 mm
2000 X1380 X1700mm

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