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Auto die cutting machine

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    Auto die cutting machine

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    The MH-1060 automatic die cutting and creasing machine is a key equipment for printing finishing such as die cut, crease and embossing etc. Unique drive gears are adopted such as high-precision indexing mechanism, pneumatic closed up, pneumatic clutch, overload protection, manual compression relief etc., to ensure stable and high speed running of the machine. This machine is equipped with practical and reliable mechanisms such as pre-stack device, secondary delivery mechanisms, manual sampling, etc. which ensure the excellent performance of the machine. Electrical components and driving elements of internationally known brands to ensure die cutting precision and reliability of running. Also man-machine interface is able to monitor machine running status, troubleshooting and indicating relevant help information which fully actualizes man-machine communication


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Max. Sheet Size
Min Sheet Size
Max. Die Cutting Size
Gripper Margin
Inner Chase Size
90-2000g/m paper
0.1-2mm paper;
<4mm corrugated
Die Cutting Accuracy
Max. Die Cutting Force
250 tons
Max. Die Cutting Speed
7500s/h (Die Cutting)
Max. Feeder Pile height
1400mm (wooden pallet included)
Main delivery Pile height
1200mm (wooden pallet included)
Main Motor Wattage
Overall Dimension
6400mm(L) ×4500mm (W: platform included)
×2150mm (H)
Net weight Approx
About 15 tons
Full Load Wattage
Air Requirement
0.6-0.7Mpa, >0.37m3/min

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