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Two color offset press

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    Two color offset press

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    HG-247/256 Offset printing Machine(Double color) 

    HG247 double color numbering offset machine (two unit)

    HG247/256 Serious double color numbering offset press adopts excellent water-ink system configure. Products printed by this machine whose register is accurate, net point is clear. It is suitable for printing kinds of colorful goods, such as labels, bills, bonds graph. It can use PS plate, zinc plate, watercraft plate.

    Three advantage:

     1. Plate roll and blanket roll press together automatically, and controlled by air pneumatic. It is reliability and stability.

     2. The second group of ink-water part adopts screw, pull plate which assure put plates together quickly and accurate.

    3. It equip automatic centralized oil system which achieve maintain and lubricate machine automatically.



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Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter


Item No.



Max printing area

450 X345

544 X380

Max paper size

470 X365

560 X390

Paper weight


28- 250g/)

Printing speed

2000- 7000sheets/h

2000- 7000 sheets/h

Plate size

470 X390 X0.15

560 X420 X0.15

Blanket size

470 X420 X1.95

560 X455 X1.95

Quantity of

Ink roll

Main systerm:14pcs 3pcs near to plate X2

Main systerm:14pcs3pcs near to plate X2

Quantity of water roll

4pcs 2 pcs near to plate X2

4pcs2 pcs near to plate X2

Three ink two water 5pcs

2 pcs near to plate



Main motor1.5KW
Air pump0.55KW

Main motor1.5KW
Air pump0.55KW


220V 50HZ

220V 50HZ

Machine weight



Overall size

2901(L)X900(W)X 1500(H)MM

2901(L)X1000(W)X 1500(H)MM

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