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offset printing machine

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    offset printing machine

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    HQ47LII NP/ 56LIINP Offset printing Machine


    1.    Easy operation: Using the same handle with different levels for supply water, ink and adjust pressure. The pneumatic form rollers is controlled by electrical eye so that the pneumatic will be more accuracy and credible.

    2.    Nicety locate: Adopts front baffle and double side baffle to orientation. And it also have imperceptable adjust of landscape orientation in paper table

    3.    Add paper plate and plate rollers also has imperceptable adjust devices.

    Separated ink and water supply system: adjust the water and ink freely, satified requirement of ink and water according to different products. It is also suitable for colorful overprint.

    4.  Setup the quantity in advance: the machine adopts electromagnetism arithmometer. It will stop  once finish the setuped printing.

    5.  Inspect double sheets: it can debar double sheet and many sheets effective, and keep printing without turn off the machine.

    6.  The machine adopts PLC computerized control and has the function of stopped automatic when sucked paper.






    Max. paper size


    560400 mm

    Max. print size

    454×345 mm

    550375 mm

    Paper weight



    Printing speed

    2000-8000 sheets/h

    2000-8000 sheets/h

    Plate size

    470×380×0.15 mm

    560×420×0.15 mm

    Rubber size

    470×420 mm

    560×460×1.95 mm

    Rubber thickness

    1.95 mm

    1.95 mm

    Ink roller

    10pieces(two close to board)

    14pieces(three close to board)

    10pieces(two close to board)

    14pieces(three close to board)

    Water roller

    4pieces(one close to board)

    5pieces(two close to board)

    4pieces(one close to board)

    5pieces(two close to board)


    Power 0.75kw(47) ,  power 1.1kw (56), air pump power 0.55kw,(single) 220v

    Overall dimension



    Machine weight




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Model No

NP series

quantity of number

7 row X 8 line=56 pcsoptionalacross

5 rowX 9 line=45 pcsoptionalupright

size of plate

roller type90 X345mmoptional

partial type30 X40mmoptional

Min distance between line

knives group with steel line type 25mm

steel line bar type 5mm

quantity of ink roll

6 pcsink rollers 2

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