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offset press

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    offset press

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    HQ47LII- NP Offset printing Machine


    1. It was exploited based on serial 47A, New technology. High quality.
    2. All of the serial II offset press has straight gear wheel and over gear wheel. You can select according to your requirement.

    3. There is 3 pcs of ink roll near plate. And have high speed of ink submission, more average ink effect.

    4. Automatic system of ink supply.


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Max. paper size


Max. print size

454X345 mm

Paper weight

28- 250g/m2

Printing speed

2000- 8000 sheets/h

Plate size

470X 380X 0.15 mm

Rubber size

470 X420 mm

Rubber thickness

1.95 mm

Ink roller

10pieces(two close to board)

14pieces(three close to board)

Water roller

4pieces(one close to board)

5pieces(two close to board)


Power 0.75kw(47) , power 1.1kw (56), air pump power 0.55kw,(single) 220v

Overall dimension

1760X 900X 1340mm

Machine weight


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